Thursday, November 25, 2010

Life in the Unfabulous Kingdom of Wisconsin

Yes as you read in the title, Wisconsin is a kingdom. The peasants are the cows and the horses are the nobles. The people are the lords, and I am the Queen and there is no king, (sorry men, I rule alone...) Ha ha  just kidding...but seriously.
To tell you the truth I see Wisconsin as a vacation place for big city slickers like people from New York City and Los Angelos. They want to get rid of the hustle and bustle for a little while and go to some place where the people are kind, simple and of course haven't completely died out yet (I'm talking to you Oregon...). Well that's basically Wisconsin. We're hospitable and simple and there are enough of us for the state to be a pretty healthy civilization. Although we won't take a bullet for you (we're not THAT nice), if you plan on stopping by we won't cut you off in traffic, steal your purses, whistle at you on the street or spit in your face....wait I don't think any big city state has that...nevermind...
Wait don't people in the Middle East do that when they like something or someone?

Afghan man: Ohhh...girl, yo hijab looks FINE today *spits in her face*
Afghan woman: *spits back* oh, it's nothing, I only spent like half my inheritance to purchase it.

Yes? :]

Ha ha so anyways, after explaining a bit of Wisconsin to you (and Middle Eastern face-spitting that might not even be true) I'm going to get to the point of this post.
Even though Wisconsin is a grand kingdom and I am the queen it's actually a pretty unfabulous place. I mean, this place will always be special to me in a way, (the four seasons, the farm boys *tee hee*, the "I'll-help-you-you-help-me-we-cool?" attitude we've got going on,) but outside of Wisconsin, I know there's so much more waiting for me. Sometimes I feel that my parents really don't support me in my thoughts of leaving. They think and feel that I don't actually like it here. Like maybe i'm too good for it-
Like I'm too good for it?!
Trust me folks if you saw the way I lived then you'd all be shaking your heads and thinking "Who raised her? What was she born in a barn? Listen to all them grammerical errors, it's terrible. What did you graduate kindgerdarden and then just stop?" 
And then I'd look up from the heifer I was sheering and I'd yell, "Don't you be talking about me in such a gosh darn way, I'll set the bull on you if you don't git, git off my land!" Ha ha just kidding...but seriously.
But I mean, come on. Me? Too good for Wisconsin? Every summer I spend time with my friends swimming in a river overflowing with such a large amount of tanin that it's called the Black River. My feet are so calloused because everywhere I walk I go barefoot (woods included). Even I, the fabulous Queen of Wisonsin, fall victum to the Wisconsin dialect.

Observe the all time lowest grammerical error you will commonly hear us make: "them people".

Now instead of thinking "Cortni's too good for Wisconsin, you should be thinking "Wow. Wisconsin is too good for Cortni."

I would never think badly of Wisconsin. And I'm not saying it doesn't have enough to offer for me or anything. But the dreams inside my head are just to big for this hillbilly state. I want to be a designer or a stylist when I get older. I want to sing and play guitar. I want to live in Manhattan, work in New York City and then settle down in Maine when my life feels complete. And then Wisconsin will be my vacation place. :] It's Queen will return.

So since i'm pretty sure nobody but my trusty cousin Savannah (my side-kick) will read my blog then I'll just end this post with two things.

1. Savannah is the coolest!
2. I'll see you in New York :)

Picture of My BFF my bro and his BFF/my BGF :]

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