Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Drivers Test and Song of the Day

So I will be taking my drivers test tommorow which I'm super excited about. I went out to practice today and learned that no matter who you are if you wind up at Target shopping and are in the premises of the parking lot, you act like spazzmatic deer and randomly jump out and run in front of cars. Also if you're above the age of 3 mother's will let go of their children's hands and go tell them to play tag with the air on between the parking spaces.
Also, believe it or not, there's a little demon that lives in your head that tells you that drive is reverse, left is right, and the brake is gas. Fun :)

Oh and the song of the day is Dog Days Are Over by Florenc + the Machine who I'm currently in love with. I'd also like to give props on all the kids on YouTube that attempted to sing thing cause it's a pretty hard one to cover.

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Maria said...

i loveee all your post, kiss