Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Okay so Easter :) These are the Top Ten things I did on Easter :)

1. I paid my brother a dollar to tell me wear my easter basket was.
2. I got to see my bomb deactivating Uncle Elmo and my auntie kimm and cousins Rosie and KaSandra on my dads side.
3. I didn't eat jellybeans and marshmellow bunnies for the first time this year
4. I fell down the stairs.
5. I played rats with my fabulous female cousins.
6. I got to see Brycifer (the best cousin ever) for the first time in a long time: observe us swinging on a tire swing.
Yes I realize I'm wearing crocs. The fashion police would have handed me over to jigsaw if they'd caught me. Let's remember this is 2008. This was before i knew who Jimmy Choo and Alexander McQueen was. I was a clueless little hag wandering about the world wearing flares, basketball shoes and sweatshirts unaware of sweaters, skinnies and flattes. It was a dark time for casual on lookers who questioned why I stepped out in public in the clothes I wore. *sigh* well OH WELL. I'm passed that era in my life :)
7. I called Sam and interrogated him. I can do that stuff to him. I'm his sassy wifeyy.
8. I drew a Harry Potter scar on my forehead with my cousins red lip gloss.
9. I took a 6 minute shower.
10. I found an Indin arrow head.

And that concludes what I did for Easter. Oh! And for lunch today I had pink egg salad. Apparently the dye can seep through the shell. But I don't really care. I'm sure the dye won't kill you Haha.

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supaSummer said...

Haha I would laugh if the dye was like poisionous.... What on earth would u be interrogting sam for missy??? :)