Sunday, June 5, 2011

Nate's Graduation Party + Awkward Social Kid = Epic Time

So last night was a pretty legit night perpetually drizzled with awesome sauce in my mind. I went to my friend, Nate's, graduation party with my brother and had a good time and made new friends (a homeschoolers dream - to interact with kids her own age!!) I'm going to hope I remember all of the names of the people I met (and I'll try real hard because half of them are getting shipped off to boot camp half way across the country for the marines or national guard -the least I can do is remember their names). There was Ben; the creeper, Logan; the clothes stealer, Darren;.. just Darren, and Berg; the guy who got his arse handed to him by my brothers through moves he learned while watching Jason Bourne and Lord of the Rings - ya. You wish you were as cool as us.
All in all it was a fun night. I got to hang with my friends Shelia and Erin (Erins freaking hilarious and I hadn't seen her in nearly a month so it was awesome hanging with her).
The only downfall of the night was that thx earbuds I borrowed from my sister went missing (I of course didn't lose them - I never do anything wrong!! ;D) but I suppose I'll just have to buy her a new pair and since I'm a nice person I'll get her s new cd sometime while we're at the store together.
Minus the fact that I failed my drivers test that I anticipated on passing - that is all :D

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