Friday, July 1, 2011

Update on my Crrrazyyy life!!

SO it's summer time and I have been hanging out a lot with my crazy psychopath friends who I love very much :D Once again, I miss my friends DEARLY from the mission trip I went on to New Orleans. But I will DEFINETLY come down to La Crosse in mid July (when I have time) to visit my mission friends. And to meet awesome people like my twin on facebook (Hi Courtney Michelle, haha).
I miss New Orleans a bunch also and I'm seriously considering going down there next summer through a mission program that lasts for three months. I think it would be fun but also I felt better when I was down there because I felt so productive, like I was actually helping out with places and people in the world that REALLY needed my help.
My brother moved out yesterday and it's sort of weird not having him around the house. Like his bedroom is completely empty. He's gone. There's no proof that he was really here in the first place and it's sort of strange, haha. I'm the oldest in the house now and I feel like king. Mandy is always letting me know that she is second oldest and I always remind her that that means she's the first loser. :D We have a very tight relationship:D
Well, here, I'll throw in a few photos of me with my fabulous friends that I've been hanging out with so much recently. Enjoy and I'll keep you guys posted!!



HazelandMare said...

You guys are so cute! It's really cool that you got to go to New Orleans- I've always wanted to go there :)

I hope you have a great 4th of July weekend!

Roxiita Guzman said...

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Julia_Julia said...

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