Friday, September 16, 2011

Mista Joel Tock

 Hey people! So I'm going to mix things up a little bit today and I'm going to throw you all an interview I did with a musician, Joel Tock. He's from Sparta, WI and he's got some serious pipes that you should SERIOUSLY check out on iTunes (support!). But anyways, with the interview, you'll all be able to tell by the lameness of my questions that perhaps Journalism/English isn't anywhere close to being my profession but oh well. The interview is down below and I feel really bad for posting this so late because he totally seemed all for the interview and I'm so lazy that I had the interview, I had the picture but I was just too lazy to put it together and post it. But here is is - ENJOY!!

August 29, 2011

#1. What age did you decide that music was going to be a big part of your life?
Joel: Well, I never really decided on that. I've just been going with it all along, living and breathing music since I could hold a pair of drumsticks.

#2. I'm sure traveling around The States performing is a very exciting and upbeat time but are there ever times where things don't work out and you just want to give up? How do you work past those moments?
Joel: Giving up is never an option. So, making the best of every day out on the road is a great way to coexist with stressful situations.

#3. I read somewhere you've become a devout Christian? Is that true and if so what made you make that change in your life?
Joel: That is true, I am a christian because I can't live this life on my own. Praying to the Father in struggles, or even in good times, is the most intense feeling I have ever experienced. In order to feel completely true to myself and others I need an abstract, and unseen feeling, yet extremely concrete.

#4. I live in WI (an hour away from you actually). What are the top five best things about WI?
Joel: Wisconsin.... Milk! the bluffs, the small mid-west towns, back-roads in autumn, and most importantly down to earth friends.
#5. Who inspire you the most alive?
Joel: Neil Peart of rush was the drummer who inspired me to dream past the "boundaries." If we can't dream bigger than ourselves, how can we take forward steps?
#6. Who inspires you the most dead?
Joel: Noah! taking on the new beginning. That has got to be pretty tough, let alone building an ark...
#7. How would you describe your music?
Joel: A bowl of chocolate-chip cookies. with a big glass of ice cold milk.
#8. Was there ever a moment in your life where you thought that perhaps you wouldn't become a musician?
Joel: I guess that never really crossed my mind... ;)

#9. Now I'm sure all the girls want to know.. SINGLE or TAKEN or I REALLY DON'T CARE?
Joel: Not really too worried about the whole relationship thing. Gotta enjoy life, and let it happen when it does... instead of making it happen.
#10. Do you have a website or twitter where we can follow you?
Joel: twitter- @joeltock
and my hardcore band is releasing a new Katy Perry cover next friday, on the 9th! spread the word?

And that is all. Check out this music sensation - you won't regret it!! :D


mayen said...

I'll go check him out. I think the interview questions are great. :)

JRuud said...

Definitely will have to go check him out. Great interview and loving the blog!! Great questions I might add.


Ezazi said...

whoa, glam! i'mma check the guy out!

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I think this is a very good interview! You asked some cool questions =)

ishashime said...

this is pretty awesome! haha. the interview questions are fine, don't stress over them too much. :)