Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Goofy Friends and Emerald Mermaid Design

Ha ha hello people :) So I come to CCD (God School) to teach little kids about Jesus and i get there and my friend's little sister, Mary gives me a note from my friend Sam demanding that her (Sam) and Summer (my other friend) and i, do a gift exchange. lol It was completely hilarious because she's like "you better get me somethign good," lol god i love my friends.
but anyways then my friend Christian, from Guam (he's Guamarican) gives me a note from Summer, (i actually had to ask him about the note because Sam had told me that Summer had told her to tell me that she had given Christian a note to give to me but he probably would have forgotten by then so Sam just wrote to me about it so that I could tell him to give it to me.
Anyways, i got it from Christian. And since it's Summer she'd written how she was hired to work on the corners of FL, (lol) and then she writes a bit more about who's a babe and who she would like for christmas, but then anyways she tells me about the gift exchange and she also tells me that i have to get her something awsome too. lol
geezzzz.....people/ gotta love em :)

Oh and here's another design i made :) Enjoy :)

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