Monday, April 18, 2011

It's Been Forevers... ;D

Sorry it's been so long since I last posted. I suffer from a severe case of laziness :P
Hah, but yeah, I've just been busy, busy, busy trying to get my school done. AP World History is a killer. I'm studying for my exam in late May which i'm pretty sure I'm going to fail. And lately I've been getting raped by my  Spanish and I'm getting swallowed up in my Geometry.
I don't have anything lower than a B, but I could be doing better. 4 A's and 4 B's. Eh.
Ya, I could do better... :P
I recently lost my best friend through a big rubber band ball of lies. But I'm sort of happy. I've made a new BFF (mwa summer) and we've been chillin' with eachother since like the begining of mid March. I've also become closer to my favorite cow girl Sierra (ily :)))) and I've got myself a hussbend (Samuel) and a wifeyy (TAYLOOOORRR) and I have two children (a shark with taylor, leonardo) (and a dolphin with Sam, Donavek) Both are gay. Like SUPER GAY :) Like Festival Foods Gay :3
But ya...
Oh almost forgot. Dun DUn DUN!!!

zomg!! so we all sort of know that Marc Jacobs has the most utterly, out-of-this-world sense of style. Some of his pieces your like "OH MY GOD *tears off model* I WANT THIS!!" and then some of his pieces you just have to tilt your head to the side like, "....whaa...?"
For example, his terrible shoes dubbed "The Weird Heel Shoes" that he released in spring of 2008:
Ugh, I think I just through up in my mouth :P

This years collection was pretty god. there was only one heel that made me want to die.

*gags and dramatically dies*

But he also has some REALLY GOOD SHOES!!

And also Dior's Spring/Summer Footwear for 2011 was absolutly fab!! :))))
I mean how can you NOT want to steal them...?!?!?!!?


And my favorite shoe of ALL TIME :DDDD (i love you Christian!! <3))

It's like god inspired him to make this to let him know that he loves us...

Well that is all, i believe. Until then, Chao ;)

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StyleCandy said...

love it! i happen to think that the shoes dubbed 'the weird heel shoes' are pretty darn snazzy though! but i understand why you would think otherwise. And i'm dying over the purpley flowery marc jacobs! love you cuz and miss you lots! see you at x-mas!