Thursday, April 21, 2011

GL: April/May Review

So I'm going to be making a review on the photoshoot for the GL magazine that recently came out. Not everything they use is designer but it's more for girls who don't come to their parents like:

Girl: Daddy! I need a hundred dollars!!
Dad: Okay honey *gives girl money* go spend your little heart away you financially irresponsible little brat!!
Girl: That you daddy!
Dad: Who da' brat!!?! ;)
Girl: I am!!

It's more for girls who spend all summer babysitting for 3 little brats for 5 bucks an hour and don't feel like spending 130 dollars on a pair of jeans. Alot of the things I noticed the models sported were actually from lulu's who I'm absolutly in love with. I've noticed alot of their designs are very natural and flowly and fresh. It sort of reminds me of Kate Spade's designs except her's pop a bit more. Lulu's is awesome but it's sort of like the thunder whereas Kate Spade is the LIGHTNING!!
But ya, Lulu's still rocks. No hattin' ;P

I an only use one picture, because i can only find one on the internet though. Wow. That's a bummer XP. Way to go GL!!! 

White Dress, $27, Black skirt, $28, Lush. Heels, $27, Payless. Headband, $9, Make Me Chich. Flower pins, $15 each, Wooden ships. Tutu, courtesy of Peabody Dance Company
Alright, I'm looking on Lulu's. They have about 1 million absolutly fabulous party dresses!!

This is thee GORGEOUS Crepe Expectations One Shoulder Pink Dress. This dress reminds me of crinkled pink tissue papaer but it cost a bit more. It's actually only $60.00 online and there's only 2 left. If only I ordered online, (and weren't saving for a car) then I'd snag this one to wear to a cocktail party. I know your supposed to wear either black, grey or white dresses to a cock tail party but since I'd be wearing pink I'd totally look better than everybody :3.
That's just me being nice as usual <3

*coughGROSScough* This dress, the Casual Tenderhearted Peach Dress is $45.50 and there are several left. Don't rush to buy this :) That is all.

The gorgeous Peach Smoothie Floral Dress which is sold for $40 on I think it's very cute and it's supposed to be silky textured and light weight. It sort of has that risque vibe to it but it also looks sort of peasanty <-- that's not even a word but I really don't care. Personally though, I think it'd look better as a deep blue. Maybe it should be renamed the Teal-Colored Blueberry Smoothie Floral Dress =D
Yum. This is called the Chocolate Strawberry Truffle Strapless Dress and for some reason, I really feel like eating it. Hardy har XD. It's sold for $79. The top is a brown lace over a light pink satin top. A satiny (again, not a word) bow gathers the waist of the dress and is fashioned securely in the back. It's SUPER CUTE!! I want it!!

This is one of those wtf designs. $48. No comment.


*wipes away tear* It's beautiful, really. It's called the Wallflower No More Pink Dress. It's $94 and absolutly stunning. I want this to be my homecoming dress xxx. The top is butteryellow and the bottom looks like strawberry frosting :) It's decorated with maybe a fajillion little silk flowers and it's SOOOO pretty :)

That is all. Go check all Lulu's dresses out at.....


supaSummer said...

Ya I personally really like the chocolate one so I might just have to have my grandpa buy me one :)

Miss Cortni said...

Wow summer. You would <3 Maybe when we're in NYC and I'm rich and famous I'll buy you one!! :))