Saturday, April 23, 2011

Top 10: Summer Xxoo

ZOMG! Summer Knudson! When I think of you I think of these 10 things!!
1. The Lizzy McGuire Movie!!
2. Hating people that rhyme with Peff Gumm ;)
3. Hating people that rhyme with Histen Lenzo ;)
4. Saying "I know, right?" and making it sound cool.
5. Eating Pizza, Soft Pretzels, and BANANAS <3
6. Soggy popcorn :3 mah bad ;)
7. Climbing the barn roof :)))
9. Having "ur mom" fights with your brother!!
10. Getting flipped off by the jogger in flurecent yellow in Crapids Hahaahaa!!

ily missyyy!!!


supaSummer said...

I love u 2 Hun. I love #2,3,7,9 and10 the best although all of them r good

Miss Cortni said...

Omg your little brother just called me cooter!! We'll be wearing matching dresses at prom xxx
That is all <3