Friday, May 13, 2011


Why can't everything good last forever? I mean I realize forever is a very long time but you can never be happy for too long. Why can't best friends be forever or pretty houses or mans best friend? Why can't there be enough room on this earth for all of us. And why do good things turn bad? People will smile at you and then whisper up a rainstorm behind you back. Your country house was brand new and squeaky clean 50 years ago - but now the paints peeling, the railings wiggly, the floors scratches up and the shutters are falling off. I wish everything was like a vegetarian form of spam because apparently Spam lasts forever. Or margarine. Margarine is like Charlie Sheen. It just won't die. It's also like Perez Hilton because nobody likes it. Sorry went a little bit off track, haha.
But my point is; Forever? Yes? No? Why?

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