Wednesday, May 11, 2011


So pretty much I've thought up of how I want my life to be. I want to go to Columbia University in Manhattan. I want to earn a degree in theraputically helping kids with autism. I want to wear cute and fabulous clothes and perhaps make some a long the way and I really want to some how attend a spring/fall fashion show of Alexander McQueen because then I think my life would be officially complete. As for now I live in boring but kick-butt Wisconsin, homeschooling my little arse off, disappointing my parents in not being religious extremists and getting picked on for not eating marshmallows and Jellybeans when "there's not even any meat in them." But oh well, what's a girl to do. I'm hoping that I can call my fabulous cousin Savannah (go follow her blog: and discuss saving up our money (well probably me only. She only has one little brother so her parents will probably pay for her) for a plane ticket to NYC, before I graduate. I'd ask our Gramma Cindy to chaperone and it would be just a fantabulous way to end my teenage years :3 Maybe I could even learn to hail a taxi cab.. (: Who knows.

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StyleCandy said...

i've told you a thousand times! jellybeans DO NOT HAVE GELATIN IN THEM.
good plan by the way:)