Saturday, May 14, 2011

A List of Things I Hate

1. People who say "I knew it!!" right after somebody confirms some news.
2. My Fit & Active Vanilla Almond cereal that turns my milk yellow. It looks like somebody peed in my 2%.
3. Celebrities who say, "I love my fans!" and then b**** about us behind our backs to their other celebrity friends.
4. Places that don't have wifi.
5. People who ask me if I'm PETA like it's some form of a vegetarian cult.
6. Movies that have Hannah Montanna humor.
7. People who don't like Dispacable Me.
8. The 'low battery' sign on my iPod touch.
9. People who replace the words 'hungry' with 'famished' and 'thirsty' with parched; 'store' with 'business establishment' counts also.
10. People who get permanent marker on themselves and act like it's permanent.
11. People who ask you to take a picture while pretending to hold a national landmarks in their hand.
12. People who wear sunglasses indoors.
13. People who don't like Pokemon.
14. The fact that there isn't a Marc Jacobs store chain here in Wisconsin.

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