Monday, May 16, 2011

Ordinary Girl

I've noticed something about myself over the past few days. I am no longer individual. I'm morphing into your average ordinary girl. A wear a bit too much Hollister, I watch Glee like it's a religious sacrament and my hair straightener and CoverGirl are my new best friends. So my assignment over this week is to:
1. Step out in public with no make-up.. Okay! Wait no mascara - but nothing else, I promise.
2. Wear a plain jane t-shirt. But I get to wear skinny jeans to prove to people that I'm fluent in fashion.
3. And last, I will spend my weekday nights playing guitar and writing ammature love songs about a fake lover and give Glee a little break. (But it will be a Saturday night treat!!!)
I'll let y'all know how I do :3


Sarah said...

you have such a cute blog! Thanks for following mine and I would like to award you with a versatile blogger award.

oriwa said...

Very sweet blog by a very sweet and real girl by the seems! Thanyou for your comments on my blog I am now following your blog too!

xx ELEVEN:11