Saturday, May 21, 2011

Paranoid on May 21st

So apparently the world ends today.... Do I believe it? Well since I'm having an anxiety attack right now (hahaha jk) you could say a part of me believes it. I have approximatly three live webcams up on my computer right now because apparently the earthquakes hit New York at 6pm. I thought NYC was 2 hours ahead of us but I guess not because it's 5:08pm there right now. I have one up in Brooklyn, one in Manhattan and two in NYC, one on 5th street, and the other on Times Square.
Lets hope we don't die cause I'm not ready to go to heavan and I'm sort of scared!!!
I gave Noah a lot of hugs today and let him know that I love him. Ha ha ha, I'm such a wimp :P

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BlueVanilla said...

Silly folks! No one knows when this will happen! Haha!

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