Monday, June 20, 2011

13th: On Bus to New Orleans.


4:46pm: We're like 100 miles past St. Louis and it's quiet obvious that we're not in WI anymore. We just passed a Hushpuppies Saloon Gentlemen's Club :P Talk about degrading to women.
But anyways, I made several friends; Brandon (I already know him from trips to D.C) who is a total gentlemen, and Sam and Morgan who are absolutely hilarious and awesome as bus buddies. We've dubbed the last four seats of the coach bus as "The Hood" on account of the fact that every seat has two chairs to it and each of us have two chairs to ourselves. Sam, the lucky one has actually three seats to herself (lucky!) but there's a draw back because it's right next to the bathroom which everybody seems to enjoy using every 15-20 mins. And let's remember that this trip is 20hrs long. By the time this bus arrives in New Orleans the back ought to be a toxic waste land.
For instance 10 seconds ago Morgan just got up to use the bathroom before she slept. She was encouraged with several "God be with you"s and "Good luck"s. She came out and immediately Febreeze was requested to be sprayed. The smell kills.

You don't even have to question the status of the back of the bus. Hood? I think yes.

The hood on the last day. Jealous? Foe sho.
 5:00pm: I think the next state we're going into is Arkansas. I'm going to laugh my arse off we're completely wrong. But I highly doubt we are. I mean, with our strong educational system in America - we all know very well where each state resides and it's capital *sarcasm*.
Honestly, why can't we live in Canada which has like 11 states and no presidents. I can't even imagine taking Canadian history. Like they don't even do anything. Ever.

"In the 1600's we did nothing. The 1700's we did nothing also. The 1800's got more interesting and we learned to skate on wood. In the 1900's we discovered America and that the world was not flat. Finally in the 21st century we had our first population count - 300 people even. Good work guys!"

Oh Canada.

5:15pm: I've dubbed that Missouri is officially a waste land. But I'm not hating cause Wisconsin is one also. Pretty much the only cities in this country that aren't wastelands are Chicago and Manhattan.
BONUS: List of bad billboards
#1. Adult Superstore
#2. The Library
#3. Pilot Men's Club

Missouri not only are you a waste land but you are seriously dirty!!

5:36pm: This bus is too freakin cold!!! I wanna step into a freezer just to warm me up. Maybe lay my head on an ice pack or something to get my body temperature a little bit back to normal. Honestly it feels like the interior of this bus is a mimic of an Alaskan experience. Not cool air conditioning. Not cool. -_-

5:44pm: McDonalds - quit wasting money on putting signs up to advertise your fruit smoothies with "real fruit". If you mean 1% mango peel then I don't really think that counts. Also I think you forgot to mention the cup of sugar you douse that "real fruit" in!!
..I promise I won't make anymore rants on McDonalds.. Pwomise. :D

7:14pm: I've seen several Tennessee license plates. We are officially in Tennessee!!!

7:38pm: Now we're in Mississippi! The first sign I see is Walmart..

8:12pm: I'm in a BBQ place in Mississippi. It's weird cause they're trying to get me to eat and I don't exactly eat meat. Hahaha. Can't wait to get back on the bus :) Then we're going to watch Princess and the Frog which is in New Orleans which is where we're going so it's awesome.

9:37pm: We're still in Mississippi :) I'm lying on the bus floor trying to sleep. This one girl sort of took my seat but it's all good. Really wish there was more to say but not much is going on right now. Here I'll give you a good mental image- I can hear the tires swirling beneath me. I can hear Princess and the Frog in my right ear (my infected one) and in my left ear - the good ear - I'm listening to Slide by The Goo Goo Dolls. I see Morgan's bare feet by my face and various bags and articles of clothing all over the floor. There's a slight smell of crap in the air but I'm not complaining. It's all good.
Oh and also for all of you Twi-hards (Team Jacob!!) it's a full moon tonight so watch out for the Taylor Lautners hiding sexily in the woods ready to fall in love with you.      
<3 Tee hee!

9:54pm: The bathroom's being frequently used but Febreeze really helps - I hope that's what heaven smells like. ( my iPod just jumped to some Jordan Pruitt song. Hello Disney :/) About an hour ago I did an intense pinky swear ceremony with Chris Rogers making him to promise to shave a section of his arm tomorrow so that I can tattoo it. His arms are intensely hairy and last time I went to D.C I gave him a tattoo but it was really hard to see and he said he'd shave it but he never got time to do it. I'm really excited to tattoo his arm hahaha :D It will go well with the grenade/knife tattoo he got at the BBQ place out of a dispenser for 25 cents. It's on his bicep  and looks total kick butt. Morgan got a spider ring from the dispenser. It was a clearish light green so we held it in front of the headlight of the bus and then cupped our hands around it and found that it was glow in the dark. Awesome sauce! She gave it to me afterwards. Free souvenir from Mississippi :)

Chris' tat on the last day.

10:12pm: I moved up to sit with Sam. The floor I guess was just not my calling. I'm listening to John Mayer and looking out my window. I don't know which state we're in anymore but all these Arkansas license plates are reminding me of Glee.

11pm: A freaking McCafe semi just passed us. I will not rant. I will not rant. I will not rant.

11:01pm: Ooh a city! Finally some lights to look at!!

11:02pm: ..That was short lived.

11:03pm: Brandon is honestly addicted to texting.

11:04pm: More city lights! The city of Nissan.. Hmmm, I wonder which state we're in then.

11:06pm: Utter darkness again :P And I've really got nothing on Brandon. I'm addicted to updating you guys on my personal life.

11:07pm: Wow thought Brandon was actually going to bed - nope - getting into a more comfortable position to text in.

11:08pm: Am I so pathetic that I'm actually observing and taking note on what Brandon's doing. Wow, honestly Cort, GO TO BED.

11:11pm: Make a wish :)

11:12pm: Just saw a car with blue headlights.

11:13pm: Oh we're still in Mississippi. We're nearby West Jackson so I hope I get to see some lights soon!! :D

11:14pm: OHMYGAWD!!! We just passed a Hilton Hotel!! I hate Paris but that was pretty cool!!!!

11:15pm: Just saw a truck with like 6 headlights..?

11:17pm: Listening to Crash Into Me by The Dave Matthews Band. Chris would be proud of me.

11:19pm: Morgan just spotted a New Orleans sign!

11:20pm: We're on one of those bridges over bridges!

11:30pm: Honestly this road is way too bumpy - my iPod just skipped a song!

11:31pm: Holy crap! Just passed a gas station down here - gas price? $3.29! Holy cheap!

11;36pm: Just opened a pill case in the dark - ninja!

11:45pm: Sometimes it looks like the moons on a string and someones pulling it left or right but then I remember,  "Oh we must be going on a curve!"

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