Monday, June 20, 2011

14th: A Bit of Bus and a Bit of Orleans


2:26am: I think we're on the outskirts of New Orleans cause there are a few big hotels but they're pretty spaced out.



2:33am: OHMYGAWD the superdome!

2:34am: Palm Trees <3


2:39am: Seeing some pretty ghettolicious houses..

2:44am: A ghetto kitty just climbed under a house :)

2:45am: Graffiti :3

2:47am: It's so weird here. There's like literally mansions next to dumps.

2:48am: Hello random gas station in the middle of the hood.

2:49am: Trains!!


2:51am: Hilton :3

2:52am: Excuse my language but going over big arse bridge!!!!

2:53am: The lights just go on forever. The night sky fell on the city :)

2:54am: The best looking Holiday Inn I've ever seen. It's like a Roman cylinder with green lights shooting from the bottom.

2:55am: McDonalds..

2:56am: Just passed a sign that said: For A Good Time Exit Now :D Ha!

3:00am: Wow okay. Yupp I believe we're in Imma-Rape-You Alley. ..My wifeyy would love this.. :)

3:03am: I can't believe this place was underwater 6 years ago.

3:05am: I have to go. Rise at 7am to work :P Bleh, I'll keep ya posted!

4:55am: So the place we're staying at is really shady. Like there are evil messages written in one of the closets of the bedrooms. The pipes running all over the ceilings are visible and the bathrooms are crap. Literally all of the stalls are broken and the the floors have mildew really bad.  The showers are disgusting and I wouldn't be surprised if we all went home with feet herpes cause we've all been walking around barefoot. Just recently the air kicked in but when we arrived this place was crazy hot and super humid. This place is seriously terrible, the camera I bought before I came here has a memory card of only 9 pictures (stupid) so I'll have my friend take pictures of this place. The only thing that's normal is the sound of Chris Brown and Justin Bieber's voice whispering from a random iPod (this place has electricity - amazing!) The paints chipping, the wall papers peeling and there wasn't enough rooms for Sam, Morgan and I to sleep so we're out in a creepy area that's half wreck room half storage area. Mine and Morgan's cloths are on an old mini pool table that's stature is questionable. It's legs are like bent and there's this creepy rosary hanging from the bottom of it. Morgan and I also had to take coach cushions and line them up and put a sheet over them to use as beds because there weren't enough mattresses left. They're actually not that bad but they aren't mattresses :/ haha. Put it this way. There's a hardcore missionary girl here who's been on a mission trip to Africa and apparently the housing in Africa is even better than this. "At least we had windows in the bedrooms," she'd said. That's right - no windows :/ Gag. Well I better get to bed. I have to wake up in nearly an hour to get ready to wake up. Although it could be 2 hours because Morgan and I decided to shower tonight so we're squeaky clean.
Okay but I seriously have to go to bed. Goodnight :P

Our room. In the kitchen. We got called "the kitchen girls". Hardy har.

7:49am: On the bus heading to Orientation and then to work until 4pm. Then we go to diner and after that we can chill at our ghetto Hogwarts castle.

7:52am: I'm seeing damages to houses that I couldn't see in the dark last night. I'm actually seeing the effects of Katrina for the first time.

7:54am: Just went passed a building called The Naughty Knight Lounge :/

7:59am: A guy in a suit drove by on a motorcycle.

8:06am: Just saw five homeless people sleeping on mattresses under a bridge :(

8:07am: Ooh! Saw the weird graveyards!

12:41pm: Working with David, Travy and Morgan underneath a house :3

Underneath the house. Hottt.

David, Morgan, Me and Travie. A.K.A the cool kids.

3:38pm: Lieing on the front porch of a house rapping and beatboxing with Travie, David and Morgan. Horses. Unicorns. Sun. T-shirts. Mermaids - lyrics by Courtney

My two favorite weirdos :)
David sleeping. I believe this is the best picture ever taken. Thank you Morgan.

6:34pm: Heading out to the city. Long work day - over!!

7:37pm: Bought Chris tatto sleeves. Heck yes.

Brandon and Chris enjoyed showing them off as we strolled about the streets.

Brandon later found his was an amazing cell phone holder.

8:14pm: In Cafe la Mode with Chris, Sam, Brandon and Morgan. Fun, fun, fun :)

Sam, Brandon and Morgan with their yummy cream puffs!

9:13pm: Good time touring!! I'll keep ya'll posted :D

10:30pm: Me and Morgan are having a deep intellectual conversation - you can already tell it's not intellectual because I would have said Morgan and I are having an intellectual conversation.

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