Monday, June 20, 2011

15th: Day Two in Orleans


1:44pm: Singing in the house :3. Sorry I haven't made a lot of updates but I do have a lot of pictures and videos.

1:45pm: We're gonna sing a song for you and post it in a video :D

6:41pm: Hailey's dishing us news about the boys room which is apparently better - NOT FAIR!!! Hailey is the little munchkin in the room. She's only seven and absolutely adorable!!!!


7:20pm: At the park dancing to good music with Morgan!!

Amazing music!!

Obviously Chris can never stay out of a picture :D Ha ha

Blue eyes!

The kitchen girls looking very happy after recieving a free meal in the park.

7:53pm: Petting really cute dogs!!

7:55pm: Totally killed Brandon. Win. Looking for Bourbon St. :3

8:02pm: Brandon: I'll have a scotch and water. Hold the scotch.

8:16pm: Bought a voodoo doll. Named it Chris Rogers.

8:26pm: Bourbon St. Chris won't let us go. :(

8:33pm: Browsing through bongs. So many to choose from.

9:06pm: Extremely annoying person sitting in front of. Thinks he's JB.

Cody (JB) and Mwa

9:14pm: Chris wants to buy my voodoo doll from me for $10. I paid $8 for it. He wants to throw it away :(

11:45pm: Talking with my kitchen girls. We're sleeping in the kitchen because I'm not sure if I explained but there aren't enough dorms so Morgan, Sam, Liz and I are sleeping on mattresses in here. Morgan and I are actually on boy mattresses (EW!) because they donated them to us last night.

The kitchen girls; Morgan, Liz, Me and Sam
11:53pm: Sam would like to say a few words ---> hi....
This is really sad here. I don't like the kitchen and the  closet. I have to work in a closet and it's not cool at all. Mud is also nice when it's caked on your hands completely covering you. I'm really tired too.


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