Monday, June 20, 2011

16th: Day 3 in Orleans


12:00am: Morgan would like to say something ----> heeeeeeeeeeyyyy! We be sitting hur in da's legit yo. Word.
peace and blessins :)

7:47am: Woke up to Hailey climbing over my head. She's playing with Mardi Gras beads. Silly girl!! :S

7:51am: Hailey and I found weird beads with Orpheus written on them.

7:53am: When I was doing my make up Hailey was behind me going through the orphanage lockers. The kids would write their names in them.

8:05am: On the bus. Brandon looked it up - double the humidity today.

8:09am: Chris is lecturing me on buying the voodoo doll. It's a very controversial magnet apparently.

8:49am: Working in a new location. In an alot better neighborhood.

10:31am: Met two really nice guys on the worksite. Cedrik and Curtis - you guys are totes awesome :) Cedrick is telling us stories of Katrina. He actually lived through the flood. Really hot right now. I'm on my 4th water bottle :D



11:47am: Sitting on the front steps. They're waiting for their lunch. I'm eating mine :3

11:57am: Travie thinks he knows everything :P This GUY passed on his bike but everybody says it's a girl but it's not. I think I would know. I have amazing gaydar.

12:13pm: Morgan and I are singing. We're pretty rebel actually. A good way to get beat up in this neighborhood is by singing Justin Bieber and that's exactly what we're doing.

12:32pm: Bud Light commercial: Life was hard before I found alcohol. Then I found Bud Light, got drunk off my arse and killed my wife.

12:41pm: Smoking a breadstick.

12:44pm: Travis said: Y'all doing paytin' in Nah'lens

Travie's 'rocketship'

12:49pm: Saw a ghetto moped in the yard across from the house we're working on.

12:59pm: Ghetto water photoshoot.

1:02pm: Epic jump photoshoot.

(couldn't attach the pictures for some reason but if you could see them then you'd be amazed. maybe even perplexed)

1:12pm: Moved to the other side of the street into the abandoned house. Everybody across is lookin pretty ghetto. We're like laughing at everything. I think it's the heat. I mean we're telling reverse Yo Mama jokes. "Yo Mama's so fit she looks like she bikes everyday and eats good meals." "Yo Mama's so nice she cooks me meals and it tastes good!". And we're laughing at these. It's definitely the sun.

1:21pm: Definetly cooler on the West side (Yiaaa)

1:43pm: In the Jesus van heading to a different work site.

3:12pm: Painting. Pwning Travy obviously.

My floors.

Travie's floors.

3:42pm: Tatoos with Travie. Obviously mine owns once again.

3:50pm: Wearing Travy's hat. He was looking for it for like 3 mins right in front of me.

3:54pm: Travy sucked on a cup for like 5 mins and now he has a ring around his mouth ;D Morgan's dieing :(

4:10pm: Back on the bus. JB Codyyy!!!

5:11pm: Just got a picture with Kathy the amazing cook :) She made wonderful vegetarian meals for me!!

5:15pm: We're in the little people bathroom! Literally everything in here is made for 2-3ft tall children.

5:20pm: Pulling paint out of Chris' hair.

5:47pm: On the bus.

5:55pm: ELEPHANTS!!! There's like a circus next to the Superdome :) Haha, Morgan immediately turns to me and goes, "You have to blog about that."

6:40pm: We're all heading out to a sea food restaurant and a grocery store.

6:47pm: Heading to the sea food store. Walking. I'm not even eating but whatever.

6:51pm: We just saw these poor homeless dogs. :(

6:55pm: I just realized why everyone here looks angry - they're squinting their eyes from the sun.

6:57pm: Just got beeped at HA.

7:21pm: In the seafood store!!

Sam, Liz, Morgan, Me and Brandon. Ha Liz: Hi my name is Liz and i'm addicted to mayonaise.

7:45pm: Brandon keeps eating with his mouth wide open. I'm eating potato pie and diet coke.

7:54pm: Brandon's sticking crawfish down his shirt!!!!

8:53pm: Almond Joys, $1.64, Fiber One Bars, $3.89, Shopping with Liz, Priceless.

My voodoo doll possessing me while I was shopping. I've never seen such a large liquor display in a Winn Dixie.

9:01pm: In the checkout aisle with Liz. Getting cookie dough, waiting to get diabetes.

9:15pm: Locked outside. Still eating the cookie dough.3

9:23pm: In the boys room for the nightly "Jesus Meeting".

10:48pm: Took a shower and it felt super good. Gave every guy in the boys room that I knew a hug. It's funny to see how uncomfortable the male species get when you hug them. I got a shoulder in the cheek from Brandon, Cody was a casual hug, Travie gave a "get the hell away from me hug", and Dave gave the last and best, haha. Time for bed, nighty night.

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