Monday, June 20, 2011

17th: 4th day in Orleans.


7:53am: Awake! But asleep still.

8:09pm: On the bus. Me: I'm going to be singing some hard core rap. If you start to feel uncomfortable or start to get offended I'll stop.

8:36am: Stupid JB is sitting next to me. We're in Jesus van.

8:35am: Packed in the van like sardines. Going back to the first house (Ryans house).

8:48am: Went passed a place called Chickie Wah Wah. It's right next to Rent a Harley.

9:53am: Painting.

10:16am: I just called a disabled man a robot..

11:09am: Taking my first break.

11:15am: Painters wrist; affecting 7 Americans a year.

11:23am: Travie's rocking Morgans shades. Chic.

No, his teeth are not yellow. Yes, he stuffed his mouth with Fritos and then smiled.

11:36am: There's a trailer in front of our house that says PODS.  Travy says it sounds j
like Stop backwards. Sdop.

11:57am: Chris and Mr. B are in a box jumping out and scaring people.

12:22am: Done with work! Wearing JB's hat.

Liz, Morgan, Me and Cody.

12:23am: Chris announced that we might be going to Kentucky next year.

12:28pm: If you can't afford a poboy you are are a poboy - Chris

12:34pm: So the clouds are lookin pretty ghetto today..

2:09pm: Showered and back on the bus. Ready to go onto the swamp tour and then home.

3:05pm: Me: What ocean is this? Cody: It's a gulf. Me: What gulf is this? Cody: Mexico.

5:09pm: On a swamp tour!! Brad Pitt and Kelly Ripa have taken this tour!!

Swamp neighborhood. This is like the backwoods ghetto.

Morgan, Me and Cody

A few of the kitchen girls and our amazing swamp guide, Mike, who grew up in the swamp since he was 11

7:05pm: Hailey brought out her cool camera and is showing me her cool pix!!

8:52pm: Just got Subway. Watching The Sound of Music on the bus.

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