Saturday, June 11, 2011


So it's my 17th birthday today. At exactly noon I made a transition from a 16 year old know-it-all to a 17 year old know it all.
Today was a very stressful day actually. My ear has been giving me troubles causing severe pain in the process. Finally at 11:30 this morning I was brought to urgent care (thanks mom!!) and when the doctor looked in my ear he was surprised to find a bunch of little white sores all in it (seriously painful)!!. The doctor was really nice and gave me some really strong medicine despite the fact that the results from the lab won't come in until Monday, the day I leave for New Orleans.
Oh and also my older brother got in a car crash today. He fell asleep at the wheel and flipped it. It was very scary for me because I heard the details of the crash before I heard the details of my brother so I broke down and starts crying (yes I know I'm a baby) but who cares. He's fine - only his neck hurts.
Well that concludes my 17th birthday. Because of my ear problem it's very sensitive to sound hence giving my family the opportunity to song me the creepiest whisper version of Happy Birthday. They're dysfunctional but I still love them :)
Now I'm gonna head back to watching Bill Cosby and putting steroid drops in my ears. Ta ta for now!
P.S Shout out to Gramma Kate, Grampa Larry, the Dodge/Davis family (check out Savannah Davis' blog, Sierra, Adelular (my udder Mudder), my family and Darren for wishing me a happy birthday today :)

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