Sunday, June 12, 2011

tEn RaNdOm FaCtS :-)

#1. I've been accidentally putting eye drops in my ear instead of ear drops all day - PAINFUL.
#2. Arthur's dog has a British accent.
#3. I'm going to New Orleans tommorow morning leaving at 3:30am.
#4. I love Sierra, Summer and Savannah.
#5. I'm the only C in my entire group of S friends unless Christian is invited :/
#6. Mickey Mouse's voice is honestly beginning to freak me out.
#7. I need a trip to California before I graduate.
#8. My bike is still at Fedex Jaegers and I really need to get that back.
#9. Not even Kanye shades could make me look cool.
#10. Some people are genuinely dumb. Like even if they tried, nothing they could say or do would make them seem intellectual.

BONUS: An additional list of things that annoy me.
#1. Whores who think it's cool to be a whore.
#2. People who tell Jew/Holocaust jokes.
#3. Winter and summer (not you best fwend!!)
#4. Barbie's legs.
#5. Cows who think they're the boss.

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Edgy said...

Great post! You're really funny! :DD Thanks so much for following my blog, I followed you back.