Thursday, August 18, 2011

Another Day, Another Designer

Rachel Zoe
how this name might have slipped through my fashion radar, molted into my brain since i was nearly 16, i do not know. but i have discovered it and i will worship it until the day i die.
while strolling through the corridors of i decided to click on a random designers name, one i wasn't so familiar with and i happened upon this gorgeous designer (who's actually pregnant with a baby boy due in march - aww) and i took a peek at her 2011 fall selection RFW.. okay i browsed through it a bit.. alright i began to stalk it.. but it was SOOO gorgeous Xxoo. Here are my favorite designs <3

Nell Rebowe (love the red hair)

Tatiana Lyadockrina
Tatiana again..
Tatiana again again,,

Nicolette Wall
Kenza Fourati
Annabelle Tsaboukas

Also in addition,, listen to the song, Bittersweet Faith. I always give it a listen every time i feel like making a post. it makes typing on the keyboard in your pajamas at 10 in the morning seem a lot sexier.


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