Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I Didn't Die!!

Hey it's mwa and no i did not die. I'm super sorry for having abandoned you all. your lives must have all grown excruciatingly boring having not heard from mine for nearly a month. i mean my life is filled with numerous exciting things *sarcasm* so having been not shared the details and experiences of it must have been a total killer and i apologize.
Lots has been happening actually. Although I haven't been awarded an Oscar, or gone deep sea cave diving, I have been hanging a ton with my friends lately.
Me, Anna, Sophia and Facebook (the pimp teddy bear of course)

So tomorrow i THINK i'm heading to La Crosse with my friends Travie and Emily. I haven't heard back from either so this whole plan could actually all fall apart tonight but oh well. I just really would like to see my friends Morgan and Brandon from the New Orleans trip. I've been missing a lot of people lately. too bad we all don't live in the same city. we'd all be the cool kids. #undeniable
I'm sorry my posts are so boring. I mean I wish I could report you all on an exciting adventurous life I lead but unfortunatly I'm not rich and famous yet so living in Pittsville 20-30 mins from the closest town with fast food is as good as it gets now. 
I'll keep you guys posted on the fabulous life I've been leading since I was concieved in the womb. 
(and excuse all the misspellings and crap. i'm lazy today and don't feel like going back and changing them :P) 

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