Friday, November 26, 2010

Harry Potter 7! *Jersey Shore Fist Pump* Yiaah!

Yeah people! You read the title! I am going to go see the 7th Harry Potter movie tonight with my brother and my cousin Davido =D ! I'm reallye xcited because I couldn't go before because I caught my brother on his iPad when he should have been doing school. And so that night Justin and his friends Jamie, Nate, Dustin and some chic that Dustin brought all went to the movie and I had to stay behind :( *boo hoo*
But I didn't even care (not really) because I stayed up all night and watched Netflix till about 2 in the morning.
But TONIGHT I can go so i'm really excited! I think the only reason I'm going is because my brother will have to go past curfew to drop David off.
Yeah! this post is really actually pointless.  So sorry if you were hoping for something more humerous and interesting :/

...Here i'll throw in a couple Harry potter Pictures to brighten up your spirits!!

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