Monday, November 29, 2010

Shakey Dreams.

So I've been trying hard to be good at the things I want to be good at. I don't want to hurt animals so I'm vegetarian. I'm a creative person so I try to design. I want to be nice so I try to help out. But sometimes no matter how hard I try to be the best I can be, I don't always end up getting there. There are people along the way that will try to push you down and you'll trip over twizzlers and jumpropes on "The Pathway to All Your Hopes and Wonders".
Keep in mind though that all those people out there that push you down, they don't want you to succeed. Then think about why they wouldn't and in the end (along with some second grade math) you'll be able to figure out who's the real loser in the situation. Oh, and just remember. If you're not good at what you're doing, maybe for yourself, or to impress others, than maybe that's not your purpose in life. Maybe it's not your thing to do. I'm not saying to give up. There's so much in life and you get to see such a small amount usually while growing up. As you grow in age an entire field of opportunities will open up for you where you can pick and choose things you want to focus on.
But anyways, whenever somebody who has failed a lot in life tries to pull you down, just kick him or her in the 'arse' and get back up again.
Turn on your radio and dance or something. Shake it off. Don't be sad. :D

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